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New Born Name

Each thing in this wide world bears a name. Of course, this name varies according to the specific aspects of each language. However, there is only one real name for each thing. That is the Sanskrit name.

The universe is continuously vibrating. At every birth, there is a specific vibration, a sound, which you can only discover by studying the astral theme. By this sound or syllable we can find the real name for the newborn child.

When we are called by our real names, the inner soul understands, replies and feels joy because it recognizes this name. And this fact leads to harmonization of all aspects of our life.


Astrology, as any other science for that matter, has its own ways. It includes theoretical knowledge and its practical applications. Astrology is not only the purpose of giving us greater knowledge of ourselves, but also provides the tools and methods to access the deeper levels of our nature. Moreover, it forces us to face more subtle worlds.
This knowledge is used in order to channel our energy systems and to improve our relationship with the universe and the cosmic forces within us.


Astrology is the only science that can decipher the mysteries contained in astral system. It is a mysterious scientific field, which only a few people can understand, those with a high level of self-realization. The origins of all our problems of any kind are to be found in the astral body. There is latent energy which can be used properly for every moment of our lives. It is therefore important to know our inner self, who we really are. Also we need to find out what we need to do and how to succeed in dissolving our karma in this life. We need to develop the sense of self-awareness and to use wisely the gifts God has given us.

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